was redesigned by Rise Above Colorado’s Teen Action Council from 2015-2017. Their purpose for this site is “to provide resources and inspire connection in order to develop a safe online community that supports teens in living a healthy life with purpose.” All content was conceptualized, written and edited by the Teen Action Council with support from Rise Above Colorado staff and Scientific Advisory Council members. The three areas the site focuses on include:

  1. How to Rise Above: a toolbox of pages that share research-based tips to build skills that Teen Action Council members have tested out to handle challenges they’ve experienced or to cultivate their strength and potential every day
  2. Straight Dope: these pages explore the real facts (highs and lows) of substances along with the data utilized for the new Colorado campaign – On The Rise.
  3. Safe Space: this section curates teens’ stories of how they rise above and expressions of hope. Teen Action Council members, teen leadership groups and individuals from across the state are welcomed to share their stories to connect, share and know they are not alone.
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